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People produce more than they need. As a result, there is no demand for their products, and they get no pay for them. Both products and those who produce them exist in too large a quantity.

Put simply: There are too many human beings – this applies for both people and nature. What do you want to do? Breed more people, with all those many already around, or get rid of those who abound by force? Or do you believe in ignorance? Or…

You see, I’ve got a car. It’s not a Ferrari or some other classy vehicle, no fancy car, but it gets me everywhere I want to go. After all, that’s what cars are for, aren’t they? Besides, I don’t cruise around without purpose or visit places just for the sake of having been there. Truth be told, I consider that rather stupid. The car is already a few years old, got a minor bump, and has collected some rust here and there. It consumes little gas and thus goes easy on the environment and my wallet. I’m sure that it will last another ten years at least. With some good will, I’m able to keep it in pretty good shape myself, and if not, well, there is still Siegmund who owns a small garage and helps me for little money.

My dad got a car too. Rather new. Three years old. He mostly drives to work, and also goes on a cruise from time to time. However, when he has to drive long distances, he rather relies on public transport. My mom got no car. She says she doesn’t need one. She takes the bus to work, and apart from that, the parking lot business is too tedious for her. My friend Wolfgang would like to have a car, but he simply lacks the money. And than there's also Hans, but he is still too young.

Our neighbors, Mr. Schmied and Mr. Schultze, are complaining and now attend demonstrations because they have lost their jobs. Prior to that, they worked at Mercedes. I told them: “I’m sorry, but I have got a car.”

Toni All. 2007
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