„Welcome to my website. Failing to confront something means that you cannot find out, understand, or know how to do it."
In his younger years, Toni All established a reputation as a pioneer by choosing anthropology, politics, technical progress, space travel, and evolution as subjects of his work and going massively public with it. His oeuvre is of large variety, since he went through several creative periods in which he drew on numerous different styles and topics.
Known as one of the fastest portraitists in the world.Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Time and time again I am asked what I do as an artist. Am I able to answer that? Here at my website, everybody who wants to can find some answers.

Space and Matter

Space and Matter

Manuscript and DVD-Video
A new theory about the origin of everything in infinity; from the beginning without humankind, in the time of humankind with their behavior, and quadrillions of years in the future, again without humankind. more ...
Life and Oeuvre: Interactive DVD for PC
Biography, Music - More than 150 songs, Painting - More than 2000 paintings, Writing, Movies and games. more ...
For the love of art and for you

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Population: 82.127.000
People produce more than they need. As a result, there is no demand for their products, and they get no pay for them. Both products and those who produce them exist in too large a quantity. More ...


There are far too many dangers for man on this planet, let alone in the universe. Even if he doesn’t realize it, his survival hangs by a thread. Even for his “normal” everyday life, man has to constantly do something, lest he plunges into ruin. Disease, war, global war, and not forgetting nuclear war – this is also a possibility – are apparent dangers. In Europe, which some regard as a “better world”, we haven’t waged real war for years, apart from a “war” among ourselves. In this particular time, I deem it absolutely necessary to realize dangers, which is uncommon in our culture. more ...