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1954 - Blues harp

All gets a blues harp and is totally inspired.

1956 - Music

At the request of his parents, All takes private accordion lessons. At first he learns somewhat reluctantly, weeping, for he rather wants to play with the other children outside. But as he has mastered the first songs and gets his parents and their visitors all excited, even receiving some small change to buy chocolate, All discovers his love for music and thus the way to art.

1959 - The first picture

For the first time, All paints a real picture called „Schneewittchen" („Snow White"), oil paint behind glass, sized 30 x 20 cm

1963 - All gets to see a guitar for the first time

For the first time, All gets to see a guitar that belongs to a boy from the neighboring house. He sells his awfully expensive accordion and takes the money to buy a considerably cheaper guitar. His parents neither know nor do they approve.

He secretly listens to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on Radio Luxembourg. Despite his parents’ protest, All grows his hair ever longer.

He learns his first guitar chords solely by watching bands from in front of the stage. His left arm symbolizes the guitar neck to mimic the chords.

It is only the beginning of the electronic music. Since he can’t afford a true electric guitar, the solution is to attach a pick-up. On his forthcoming birthday he scrounges one from his parents and installs it.

1964 - ESKIMO

All establishes his own band, which he directs and gives the name „ESKIMO" because at that time he believes that only with the Eskimo one could live safely and without wars. With this he intends to draw attention to the bad sides of life. At the beginning, the band rehearses in a basement where the pick-up is connected to an old radio. The first gig takes place at school where everybody connects to the radio and uses microphones taken from phone booths. At first, All sings and plays covers with his guitar. Own compositions ensue (pop music). He is very successful and gets a five million state all excited. All quits school and then leaves his parents’ house. Nothing can stop him now.

1965 - Academy

All enrolls at the musical academy. Main instrument: piano, subsidiary subject: upright bass.

1968, May - The band breaks up

The band breaks up. All’s success with the band lasts for four years. Due to his striving for greater success and his own compositions, conflicts arise within the band. Every day, from morning to night, it is only the music that matters to him. Around-the-clock, the guitar is always within easy reach, and all the money he has earned so far is plowed into the further development of the band. Preferably, he would have practiced with the band from dawn till dusk and played a gig every day. But with this desire he stands alone. The others take delight in the attained popularity and want to enjoy their spare time. Even on concert evenings they show this attitude, so that All has to improvise more and more often. From time to time he even has to play drums or bass because someone isn’t available. Until one night he is alone on stage.

1968, June - Drago

Along with Drago, All successfully covers Jimi Hendrix under the same band name „ESKIMO".

1968, August - Hippie time

Hippie time and study travels.

1968, September - For the first time, All attends an exhibition

For the first time in his life, All attends an exhibition by an unknown painter who imparts to him a fresh insight. Although he sees a connection, a resemblance between music and painting, he considers painting to be advantageous, since it enables him to work self-contained, independent of others, and to better implement his own ideas.

1968, October - All takes up painting

All takes up painting. The questions „What’s the point of everything" and „Where will it lead to", the obscured and the concealed, and realizing the actuality rather than the concordant truth, become more and more important to him, steadily occupying him. That’s one thing All regularly tries to portray in his pictures.

He believes that an artist should do that, and even more, it should be his obligation, since the artist has the freedom and the media to do it. Toni All knows that there is nothing more important and that he will always keep looking for new ways, styles, and methods to do it. That this kind of work may be prone to criticism has never prevented him from doing it. Quite the contrary, it has rather prodded him to go on and has more and more provided him with the belief to be right. However, to get into communication with people, he also creates commercial pictures and portraits of them.

1969, January - All sells newspapers

All sells newspapers in subway trains and draws picture no. 0001 „Zeitungsverkauf" („Newspaper selling"), pencil on paper, 41 x 28 cm. Subway atmosphere.

1969 - Painting academy

All enrolls at the painting academy. For the first time, he encounters great artists like Picasso, Dali, Leonardo, Rubens, Hieronymus Bosch and others. A teacher tells him: „When I paint a chair and I am able to describe it as a tree, then it is indeed a tree." All recognizes art as an expression of the times. He wants to become acquainted with the period he lives in and wants to portray it in his pictures.

1969 - The picture „Belastung" („Burden")

All paints the picture no. 0002 „Belastung" („Burden"), oil paint on wood, 54 x 75 cm. It depicts the problems and difficulties in life.

1969 - The first portrait

For the first time, All draws a portrait. A self-portait by pencil. At that time, All doesn’t anticipate the consequences that will ensue for him.

1969, August - In Paris for the first time

For the first time and without any money, All comes to Paris. In front of a shop for artists’ materials he collects money from passers-by, buys paper and pen, and takes up his career in drawing portraits. Afterwards, he goes on a trip to various holiday areas of the southern countries, creating a number of detailed twenty-minute drawings in black-and-white as well as in color.

1973 - The first individual exhibition

The first individual exhibition at the „Club Hannover", Hanover.

1974 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition at the „Kulturcenter Berlin".

1975 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition at the „Kunst Center" in Hanover.

1975-76 - Countless open-air exhibitions

Countless open-air exhibitions all over Europe.

1977 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition at the fashion boutique  Klim & Bim" with catwalk.

1977 - Individual exhibition

Exhibitions at the „Freizeitcenter Hannover", featuring pictures of the „Marek Series", which came up during a party, as well as an egg that All creates as an objet d’art and that he drives around town in his Volkswagen in order to promote his exhibition.

1977 - Individual exhibitions

Exhibitions in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland.

1978, February - Individual exhibitions

Exhibitions in Neustadt, Berlin and Kassel.

1978, Summer - Documenta 6

Exhibition Documenta 6, featuring the picture „Gestern, Heute, Morgen" („Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow"), a warning for us about what we do and what consequences will arise out of it.

1979 - Individual exhibitions

Exhibitions at the „Tea Room" in Zurich and at the „Offene Tür" in Hanover.

1979 – Drawing portraits at the funfair

All takes up drawing portraits at funfairs and public festivals. Looking at everybody and dealing with them for the time of the portraying had become a burden for him over the course of time. Consequently, in order to not waste too much time portraying the model, he becomes ever faster at drawing. Some people he rather would have drawn for days but then he is lacking in models. Funfairs and public festivals are the solution, for large crowds of people are situated there. He soon gets to know every large funfair and always becomes the first portraitist there. He develops a technique that enables him the draw very fast. For that he switches to thick black pastels, achieving shade and three-dimensionality in the picture by smudging with his fingers and partly with his whole hand. The whole mode of working results in a special and vivid picture with an unmistakable, unique, and distinct style.

1980 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition at the Ildefons-Herwegen-School in Cologne. Arranged by Anne Fidow-Fiddikko and the „Kölner Nachrichten".

1980 - Marathon painting

120 hours of painting, without break, day and night. The city hall at the Marienplatz in Munich, oil paint on canvas, 3 x 2 m. At the fifth day, the end of the event, All attends a concert and leaves the picture at the city hall for safe-keeping. The next day he looks for the picture but cannot find it. Down to the present day, nobody knows where the picture has vanished to.

1980 - In the USA for the first time

The first visit to the United States, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

1980 - Two world records

World records: 250 portraits in 2:53 hours and one portrait in 25 seconds, Paderborn.

1981 - San Francisco

400 drawings and aquarelles of San Francisco, printed on t-shirts for a company.

1981 - Water from the Pacific Ocean

As a symbol for solidarity, the globalization, and the fact that it’s a small world, All brings 80 liters
of Pacific water from Los Angeles, California, to Europe.

1981, August - The first recording studio

A recording studio of his own with the first midi standard connection for external instruments and the first synthesizer, e.g. the legendary DX7.

1981, September - 5th Dimension

The idea and vision about the „5th Dimension" arise for the first time.

1982 - The second recording studio

A recording studio of his own in Düren, analog and digital with Pro 6. At the music fair in Frankfurt, All becomes acquainted with Steinberg who presents the world’s first sequencer, Pro 6. All is one of a small number of enthusiasts, and with the help of this new technology he again starts to make music. First with the Commodore, later with the Atari. For the first time and independent from other musicians, All is able to act out his full creativity at composing a large number of songs. Alas, not all of them are documented. He plays all instruments, sings, and writes the lyrics all on his own, at will. From that day on, the computer is an integral part of his life.

1982 - Documenta 7

Exhibition Documenta 7 with the topics 5th Dimension, Astro-art, Silver Activity, writing, words, numbers, politics, and learning.

1982 - Oxygen Machine

The picture „Sauerstoffmaschine" („Oxygen Machine"), made from glass, aluminum, and technical parts,
40 x 60 x 40 cm. Conceived 1982 at the Documenta 7 in Kassel and fashioned 1983 in Hanover. Symbolizing that despite growth and progress there is a solution.

1982 - All takes up writing

When he becomes aware of his thoughts and ideas growing ever extensive and that by painting and making music alone he cannot express them as ample as he likes, All takes up writing in addition. Writing enables him to better
keep track of his thoughts.

1982, December - The Evolution

Manuscript „The Evolution", written at the „Kabarett Odeon" in Hanover. Subtitled „The Evolution on the whole" and „5th Dimension".
The complete evolution, from the first slip-up to the finished cosmos, and its beginnings within the external space of our cosmos,
titled „5th Dimension" by All.

1983 - Third Testament

Manuscript „Third Testament", written in Nuremberg.

1983 - Thinking, Devising, and Ascertaining

Manuscript „Thinking, Devising, and Ascertaining", written in Stuttgart.

1983 - Studies in Berlin

In Berlin, All occupies himself with the study of arts, mathematics, physics, and astronomy to flesh out his theory about the 5th Dimension.

1983 - Auto-Biography

All starts to write his „Auto-Biography".

1987 - All digital recording studio

In Hanover, All assembles the second all digital recording studio in Europe, featuring an IBM computer and an audio frame machine. He studio is equipped with room-in-room technology and balanced frequency.

1987 - Records

In 1987 the records „Master No. 1" and „Master No. 2" emerge. Music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films, and video clips. Hanover.

1988 - Audio play

„Nixnull", from ape to robot, audio play, Hanover. Based on the book of the same name
by Sarawonder, which she had written based on All’s theory about the 5th Dimension.

1988 - Multimedia

Multimedia and interactive art, first with Apple followed by IBM, personal computer. All composes, plays VST-instruments, sings, writes, paints pictures, and designs. Movies, clip-arts, interactions, and games emerge. All programs and practices design and web design. Now and then he also paints conventionally for recreation.

1988 - Biography CD-ROM

„Biography", interactive CD-ROM, Hanover.

1990 - The Evolution CD-ROM

„The Evolution", e-book, Hanover.

1993 - 7000 portraits

7000 portraits of the model Sarawonder, pastels on paper.

1993 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition at the „Art Galerie" in Hanover. For the fist time All presents the picture „Erde und ihr Alter" („The Earth and its Age") to a large audience.

1994 - 5th Dimension CD-ROM

„5th Dimension", interactive CD-ROM, based on the manuscript „The Evolution". Hanover.

1994 - Two world records

World records: 300 portraits in 2:53 hours and one portrait in 8,86 seconds. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995.

1997 - Record

Album „Weihnachtslieder" („Christmas Songs"), music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films, and video clips, Regensburg.

1998 - Record

Album „Kinderlieder" („Children’s Songs"), music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films, and video clips, Regensburg.

1998 - Record

Album „Jugend" („Youth"), music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films, and video clips, Regensburg.

1998 - World record

World record: 1648 portraits of Alexandra in 134 days. Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000.

1999 - Individual exhibition

Exhibition: „Auf dem Loh" in Hanover, displaying a series of funfair drawings (black pastels) that All colored with
water-colors in his workshop.

1999 - Record

Album „Alexandra", music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films,
and video clip, Hanover.

2000 - Domizil CD-ROM

„Domizil" („Domicile"), interactive game, CD-ROM, Hanover.

2000 - Senegal

Study travel to Senegal. All develops a new painting style, influenced by Senegalese art. He visits the studio in Dakar and occupies himself with esotericism.

2000 - Picture Folder CD-ROM

„Picture Folder", interactive CD-ROM containing more than 2000 replications of his works, Regensburg.

2001 - Record

Album „Euro", music CD and interactive CD-ROM featuring computer animations, animated films, and a video clip, Benidorm, Spain.

2002 - Picture book

Book „My Pictures", Regensburg. Containing 118 replications of All’s works, lyrics, and much more.

2003 - Record

Album „All Mix", music CD, Munich. A selection of 25 songs from the records Master 1, Master 2, Weihnachtslieder, Kinderlieder, Jugend, Alexandra, and Euro.

2003 - Team exhibition

Exhibition „Kunstevent", Dortmund and Antwerp.

2004-06 - Philosophy

All studies philosophy in Hanover and Berlin. Main focus: Human beings and their behavior.

2005-06 - Space and Matter

Manuscript „Space and Matter". A new theory about the origin of everything in infinity; from the beginning without humankind, in the time of humankind with their behavior, and quadrillions of years in the future, again without humankind. Subtitle: „Something and Nothing".
Sequel to the book „The Evolution". Nuremberg, Hanover, Berlin.

2007 - Film „Space and Matter"

All makes a film about the topic „Space and Matter".

2007 - Film „My Pictures"

All makes a film about a number of selected works and everything concerning his painting.

2007 - Operation „Do something for a better world"

Various activities to save the world from destruction.

2008 - Film basis, portrait and Less Children

All the subject makes a film „Basis", „Portrait" and „Less Children".

2009 - Single exhibition

Single exhibition in Regensburg of the 13.02 until 13.04 in the café Dietz. Topics: Animals and modification. more ...

2010 - Internationaler Internetkunstpreis

Mitteldeutsche JEAN-GEBSER-AKADEMIE für Bildende Künste e.V. als 8. Internationaler Internetkunstwettbewerb vom 1.11.2009 bis 31.12.2010. Auswertung der Juryergebnisse des JEAN-GEBSER-AKADEMIE: Toni All hat 14 Platz und Publikumspreis 4 Platz.

2011 - Offenen Kunstpreis

Mitteldeutsche Jan-Gebser-Akademie für Kinstschaffende in Leipzig hat am 13. Offenen Kunstpreis vom 1.11.2009 bis zum 31.12.2010 Toni All mit 5 Kunstwerken und errang mit 91,5 von 100 möglichen Punkten bei der internationalen Jurierung die SILBERMEDAILLE zugesprochen.

2012 - Art Kunstpreis Europas

MToni All hat am internationalen Internet-Kunstpreis mit 20 Kunstwerke von 1.2.1011 bis 31.12012 erfolgreich teilgenommen. Vom MEISTERKREIS KUNSTHOF SCHLOSS REINHARZ wurde sein Kunstschaffen SUMA CUM LAUDE bewertet und ausgezeichnet mit der goldenen Rembrandt-Plakette verliehen durch das FORSCHUNGS-INSTITUT BILDENDER KÜNSTE. Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts für den deutschsprachigen Kulturamt Europas. Gegründet 1976.

Toni All