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The Evolution

A unicum; only a single copy exists, bound from loose pages that I wrote as the first draft about my theory concerning the origin of everything in infinity. Written and illustrated by hand at the cabaret Odeon in 1982. Bound as a book in 1983. The new extended edition can be found in the manuscript „Space and Matter".

Third Testament

Written in 1983 in Nuremberg. I don’t like most of the various religions and regard them as dangerous. Within this compilation of thoughts I suggest how all religions can be combined into one belief.

Regarding their rationale, all religious persuasions are one and the same to me, only that the religions interpret, name, and ritualize it differently. That way, it isn't difficult to circumscribe a belief. It is much more difficult to convince people of using identical terms and rituals.

The old bible has to be revised and updated according to the new era we now live in. Starting points are matter and space as real perceptions and objective things. In other words: Humanity needs a script that is universal and describes a real and conscious way of life.

Thinking - Devising - Ascertaining

Written in 1983 in Stuttgart. A work of the AWU, the „Absolute Scientific University", which I founded in 1982 at the D7 in Kassel. It contains the path to self-discovery, devising, the power of imagination, as well as the process of change and of perceiving. It's not taking these thoughts further, interpreting and combining them, that interests me, it’s rather the devising, the origin.

Every human being needs to be able to recognize something by himself, independent of what he has recognized by what was taught to him. One's surroundings are only an enrichment and a gift. Only when each of us is capable of recognition by himself, independent of time, society, and the masses, have we reached the point of total comprehensibility and ceased to wallow in our past history.


I make no difference between weekend, spare time, or holiday. It is one whole. I do not contain a personality within myself, but rather interpret many other personalities and hope to be one day interpreted myself. I am here by coincidence, but my consciousness is everywhere. I am conscious of the fact that I am only part of the universe and have always existed. I try my best to situate myself in this universe, in this time, and in this environment, in which I find myself today.

It is not about me, my preoccupation with myself, my surroundings, this time, or what I will think and want tomorrow, but rather about evolution that I have to serve. From the lessons of the past and those, which we still have to learn, we must try to find out where we all are headed (t.a. 1982).

Space and Matter

Manuscript. A new theory about the origin of everything in infinity, from the beginning without humankind, in the time of humankind with their behavior, and quadrillions of years in the future, again without humankind (t.a. 2005).

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