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A utopian dream.
240 x 320 p. 11 sec.

Future 1

Flight to the year 2182.
240 x 320 p. 12 sec.

My Cosmos

An explorer’s workshop.
Computer, 640 x 480 p. 1984 Hannover D.

Computer Pictures

Created 1988.

About the computer

I first came into contact with computers when the first sequencers hit the German market with the Commodore Pro 6. From that day on, the computer has been an integral part of my life. I use the computer for music, creating pictures, writing, cliparts, interaction, game production, programming, internet, etc.

I clearly remember the time when the first computer appeared at the workplace. People weren’t particularly happy about it. They were afraid to lose their jobs, and rightly so. The computer has replaced many people and therefore made them redundant; they were forced to perform other tasks.

Another thing that I had noted was that most people had no great use for computers, even in the professional sector. At first, the only common thing on the computer was writing. Back then, I had great problems to get out more than just the function of writing from the computer. I took great pains to acquire those rare programs for graphic design and processing, sound editing, and film production, so that I could work in these areas as well. Nowadays, a great variety of programs can be bought in department stores or even at the supermarket.

In this stadium of evolution with the computer it is clearly apparent that man is slowly but surely becoming replaced.

One thing that I regret concerning computers is that there are many different platforms and systems, as well as frequent changes concerning hard- and software. I have seen it several times that short-lived technology from certain producers became obsolete and useless. The same goes for tedious updates, where there is always the danger of data getting lost. It is tiresome and nearly impossible to continue older works or songs made on music sequencers.

The only thing that can come into question for museums is a project with a complete system, trusting that everything stays operative, because similar to restoring a painting, it would become increasingly hard to impossible to fix it.

Now, like many times before, I hope that this technology finds some unity soon, creating a steady, compact, one-way-oriented development that enables the customer to replace broken or lost parts.

Not that they say: „This one’s not available anymore."

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