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Referring to § 6 of the german Teledienstegesetz (TDG) in the version of the law regarding legal conditions for electronic business dealings as of December 20th 2001.

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First publication: 23. November 2000

Terms of Service - AGB

You can take full advantage of all content on my website, whatever you want. You can not bring something into existence, if it has not already existed before. It is, at most, that no one has yet recognized or made it. Besides, every thing is there to make the next thing. Things have to expand.
I hate patents and the like. The sun is for us all. Nevertheless, we want to know how the sun came about, otherwise we never learn to be creative. And we must know the qualities of the author, not necessarily what he created, for without his qualities he would not have created it.

So you do not have to specify who created this, or put any footnotes, but please make something out of what you have recognized here or somewhere else. Develop it further, because everything that exists in all universes is really only there to change it.
This site is also Under Creative Commons to understand


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