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Space and Matter

With the first incident and further events

Manuscript. 19.01.2007.


I Foreword I Unknown I Beginning I Evolution I Language I

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This work’s origin
My thoughts concerning everything in infinity


A new theory about the origin of everything in infinity, from the beginning without humankind, in the time of humankind with their behavior, and quadrillions of years in the future, again without humankind.

I am assuming that since time immemorial only one thing has existed, and that thing is matter, infinitely small, infinitely plentiful matter. We say that matter has volume, as in space, i.e. it is spatial. Consequently I now have two data, matter and space. These two things I perceive. I am aware of it, it is inborn, it dwells in me. Space has to be infinitely capacious, since beyond every finite space an outer space is inevitable. If space is infinite, and if space is matter’s volume, than matter has to be infinite as well. But if matter is infinitely small, it also has to be infinite in number. So I have the following definition:

Infinitely small, infinitely plentiful matter.

The next thought is that parts of this matter are not connected to each other. I thus expand my definition:

Infinitely small, infinitely plentiful matter, whose parts are not connected to each other.

From this definition I gain another date, the date of empty space. If this empty space expands, in whatever manner, one or more parts of the infinitely small matter can move. Now I already have a much larger amount of data: Matter, space, empty space, and movement. However you define it, energy, life, and all other things can only now arise or take place. Before that, nothing, absolutely nothing ever happens. Up to this point, I have the following definition:

Only matter and space do exist. Everything else is just the outcome.

The final definition would then be:

infinitely numerous, infinitely small spatial Somethings


their movement within the infinitely capacious spatial Nothing

everything has happened, happens, and will happen. (t.a. 1997)

The term „Something" stands for infinitely small matter or any other thing that we haven’t discovered, recognized, and named yet.

Space and matter, which is being, with all its incidents, ranging from stasis to the first slip-up, long before the big bang that never happened, to the present day. Then humankind and their actions, accomplishments, and behavior, followed by the successors of humanity, several trillion years from now. (t.a. 02.01.2005)

Find out in a special way where you actually come from, who you are, and what you have to do, here on this planet, in this and all other universes" (t.a. 07)

This work’s origin:

First concept: September 1981 in Hanover, titled „5th Dimension".

5th Dimension: External space of the known and as yet unknown cosmos that except for space and matter and their fundamental laws of conduct have very little in common with the universe. Other things, other systems. (t.a. 1982)

First expansion of the concept: Summer 1982 at the Documenta 7 in Kassel, titled „5th Dimension", Astro-art and silver action.

First scripture, manuscript: Written on loose pages in December 1982 at the Odeon, Hanover, titled „The Evolution“ subtitled „The Evolution on the whole“.

Bound as a book: March 1983, titled „The Evolution".

As an e-book: 1990, titled „The Evolution".

As an interactive animated film: 1994, titled „5th Dimension".

Revised and extended edition. Manuscript, titled „Infinity", written from 2004-06, which in 2007 was renamed „Space and Matter" and was made into a DVD-movie.

Material taken from: I, Infinity, religion, philosophy, science, Duden, and Brockhaus.

Predetermined Origin

Photo was taken in 1982 at the Documenta 7 in Kassel.

A project of the artist Toni All that by means of 7777 eggs symbolizes the predetermined development of our universe. It is supposed to show that something particular arises, whereas human beings are part of this arisal. Each egg can come into being and then symbolize the development of all things, of life, of the sun, of a planet, a galaxy, of the universe and other universes.

My thoughts concerning everything in infinity

When I speak of „everything", I actually do mean everything. A part of it is the universe with its incidents, i.e. what has happened until now, what happens at this moment, and what will happen in the future. In other words: Where am I, what is this all, and what is it all about around me?

For a long time, I have been occupied with this strange question that I always ponder: Why is this all, and how does it concern me? I know that everyone of us has at least once asked himself this famous question about the meaning of life. Maybe he has even found an answer, or he has quit dealing with it. Or maybe he is one of those people who have never looked too deep into this particular subject. In any case, I have repeatedly asked myself this question. Again and again. I found many things that deal with this subject. I got a lot of explanations from books and from various people. Most of the people wanted to make me believe that the meaning of life is different for each of us. At first, this really seems to be the case. Every human being has got an explanation for what it is all about and what the meaning of life is to him. An individual opinion about his existence, his love for existence, his views, his goals, his tasks, and the reason for his presence.

And I see that every day. When I strike up a conversation with someone, I quickly discover what life means to him, why he is here. Young people, for example, usually find the meaning of their existence in amusement, in some questionable thing like success, but what they really mean is to have, to possess, and that as easy as possible. Then comes love, relationships, the desire to be an adult, to have family and children. And these people I deem the most dangerous. They do not longer want to know why or what the meaning of their and everything else’s existence is. They believe that they have explained life for them. Omniscient ones. They want to lead a good life, including their family and those they depend upon, relating to what they need for a living. They love their own existence. They are in an early, primary state of existence. However, beyond that, there exists another, higher state that provides the good for the survival of those in the primary state.

The individual does not communicate with people he has got nothing to do with. He doesn’t know the people living on the other side of the world. He usually doesn't take an interest in them, unless he needs them in one way or another. That’s how they have always been, the young families, the people. And as a rule, that's how it stays. People grow up, get old, and die. And that was about it. And how does the world benefit from such people? Or better: How does our history benefit from such people? Let’s assume that these individuals had lived 15.000 years ago. We, who populate this world today, would have gained nothing from them. They would have left nothing for us. Once somebody told me: „This world needs ten thousand people to get one single genius from them." To me, this sounds very strange, more like an excuse for not making an effort to further evolution.

To further evolution is a decision that a human being has to make for himself, and for himself alone. Tell me, is it really true that a human being comes into this world, is born to venerate and utilize himself, his parents, brothers, his group, and the things that are given to him, to have fun, to accumulate property, to bear children, to get old and finally die? Isn’t there more to it than that? Isn’t that a little sparse? Is that the reason why life was given to him? He is now here. He should do something. And what does he do? Most people do nothing to further evolution. Absolutely nothing. Worse still, they prevent evolution. Yes, they prevent it. If all people had acted like that, from the Stone Age until this very day, we'd still live in the Stone Age today. Guaranteed. These people are parasites. They live at the expense of those who have devised, developed, and established something in the past. And worse yet, they restrain these people today, they destroy and wage wars. Well, that’s about what it’s like, and that’s the truth..

It’s very precious to live in this world – too precious to waste the opportunity with useless delusion and wrong acting. That doesn’t mean that I’m against amusement, marriage, children, or good and nice things. Everything is good and important. But how do we handle it?

Even though I don’t have to, I ask myself time and again: What is it about, what is the point of it, and why am I here? Nothing and nobody forces me to ask myself these questions or to even occupy myself with it at all. Quite the contrary: Everyone will dissuade me and claim that I’m insane, either because the answer already exists or the question is impossible to answer. But either is not so. Down to the present day, there is no reasonable answer to what humanity’s goal is, not to mention the goal of the whole development taking place here and in our universe. There is no reasonable answer. And that’s why we stray around here on earth. Everyone goes his own way; we fight and are in disagreement. Everything is unclear, chaotic, and we give up and wage wars. We are not sure about where to go, or what the truth is. Of course, we can fantasize and speculate about the future. Space travel, robots, technical achievements, and other things. What to say about that? We don’t need any of this. And why don’t we need it? Quite simple. Because we decide that we don’t need it. Because we don’t have any further goals beside those that directly concern our life. That has always been the case. It’s us, us, us – over and over again. We see, we are. We are the focus. The central point of where we are. The world is a disc, and over there at the edge, that’s the end. Don’t go there or you will fall down. There is only us. Then some people discovered the vastness. The earth is round. There are the sun, planets, and stars. Everything rotates around man. You can’t hold that against him. He was a primitive animal after all. He looks at the earth, his head leveled at the ground like a dog. He can’t see far. Today he stands upright. He sees the universe. He has gathered a lot of knowledge, but in many respects he still thinks like the animal back then.

By the way, why does man think that he is something better than the animal? Why? In many things he resembles the animal. And in many things he is even worse than the animal. Man frequently thinks exactly like when he was an animal. He focuses on his existence and thinks that he lives for himself and his property, for his children, his amusement, all the nice things, and so on. That’s partly right. Maybe some things are to be regarded as laudable, others as a necessity. But why is it all, what’s the point of it all? For that, there is still no answer yet. And that’s exactly why we stray around on this world like madmen, not knowing where and how to go. Worst is that people are not aware of it. Not even when the problems get so big that the only possible way out are unemployment, conflicts, and wars. And even when the wars are over, people still haven’t realized. They start all over again, live for themselves, for their property, for their needs. For what they want and need. Utter ego. And then everything again comes to a standstill. Some become superfluous in this game, but they don’t die immediately. First they lose their jobs, become nonproductive. The functional people help them as long as they can. Where that doesn’t work, the affected people become beggars and transients. And still there is no rethinking. The outcome is even more unemployed persons, beggars, tramps, disquietness, discontent, and protests. And everybody thinks that he will survive somehow. Even if there is war, people still think that they will survive. A really sad story.

How much does a human being plan his future? How much do all human beings plan their future? In what way do we even have the knowledge and the experience to plan our future? You will agree with me when I claim that we lack all of it. Considering that many innovations are necessary for the future, which, sadly, many people deny because they believe that it will go on like this forever, one can clearly see that man isn’t able to plan the future. In other words: Man has no reasonable concept for his future; and worse yet, he isn't able to plan it extensively because he lacks the required knowledge. And that’s exactly the problem. One can see that today. People run blind. They guess, think, and act, but it is not enough, it is wrong. They stray. A labyrinth. People are unable to solve their problems. They falsely assume that they have a solution. They discuss, confer, and diplomize. They conceive impossible things. Strategies. Organizations. A group for this, an association for that. Human rights, ecological organizations, trade unions. And soon a homemaker’s movement, a trade union for homemakers. If it doesn’t already exist. But all that doesn’t solve their problems. They achieve the contrary. It’s getting worse and worse. More problems, more conflicts. Quite plain. Everybody starts to fight for their own interests because there isn’t enough room for everyone. Maybe this is a bit hard to accept or understand, but it is like that. I will later explain that in detail. At the moment, it is not too important how this happens in particular. Important is that it somehow doesn’t work. That is what we have to realize. Thoughts like „somehow it will work out“, „that’s not my affair”, „I’m fine”, and similar things are no good beliefs. That’s delusion, laziness, and irresponsible to boot. But these people will have their turn too. Even those that have established some kind of security, with surveillance cameras and bodyguards. Even those that have still more bodyguards, military, and even the atom bomb. Even those people. But I don’t want to enlarge upon this here. That’s not my topic today.

And what more do we have today? More and more laws, a huge number of laws. A law for this, a decree for that. And as soon as something strikes a snag, a new law is immediately added. Of course only where it’s possible, usually with the weak. The new laws are made by the strong, after all. Listen to the newscast, read the newspaper, see how they fight. In principle, they fight to survive. And they more and more lose track of the situation, have more and more problems to struggle with, and more and more everything gets out of control.

But enough of this. Actually, I wanted to write about the questions that I keep pondering. What’s the point? Why does everything exist? Humankind and everything here in the universe. Very early in my life, I started to ask myself these questions, and I somehow got stuck. I spent the better part of my life trying to find a reasonable, conclusive answer. I had to forego a lot of things that others take for granted, but I gladly did that. For in exchange, I received a growing insight into why the universe exists, and with it humankind. I didn’t find the ultimate answer, but I discovered a way that shows us the direction to the future, and along with it the certainty where to go, how to go, and what to do, safely and without a doubt. That way, all our problems will be solved.

It may sound arrogant, but that’s how it is. Let’s assume people would know their goal. They would know how it looks and how it can be achieved. For setting and achieving that goal, 10 000 years would be scheduled. What would happen? We all would know where to go, what to do, and what mistakes to avoid. No longer would we doubt and experiment around. We would stop fighting, and every single one would make his contribution towards reaching that goal. That would be nice, wouldn’t it? A utopia, you will say. No, it isn’t utopia. It’s the truth. It can be achieved as soon as we know what awaits us in the far future, what has to be done, without questioning it. I am surprised to see how little of it is done yet. I am really surprised. How long are we to run around blind, our gaze set strictly on what lies directly in front of us? Watching and calculating our future in such a short-sighted way?

From infinity Time - Evolution To infinity
Humanity FUTURE
Creation accompanied by destruction. Want to be happy but have problems. Guesswork and even more problems and solutions, accompanied by destruction.

For clarification, let’s take a look at an expedition. Columbus, for example, or any other explorer. Preparation comes first. Everything is considered, food, water, weapons, and so forth. The way, as far as it is known, is also planned. And then it starts. I don't want to know how many of these expeditions never came back. Some surely were successful, okay. But what about those that failed? What problems did they encounter? What kind of struggles and agonies did they have to face? And then, at one fell swoop, all dead. And why? Because at the start of the expedition they didn’t know enough about their future proceeding. And that’s exactly where the problem lies. We do not know enough about our future today.

We do not know our future.
We believe that it’s meant to be that way, and that’s the delusion.
Future has been predetermined from the beginning.
We have forgotten that, and we should rediscover and re-recognize the future. (t.a. 05)

Why shouldn’t humankind know their future, today in the 21st century?


And may you never be the same again!


I Foreword I Unknown I Beginning I Evolution I Language I

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