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Best-known portraitist in Germany. World champion of a particular kind.

A portrait is something special because it’s personal and unique. Such a picture can never exist twice without being a copy. For me, it is most inventive to produce a picture from the artistic creative phase that I’m currently in. That way, you are directly involved in my development and can help to further it.

1980 - Marathon painting

120 hours of painting, without break, day and night. The city hall at the Marienplatz in Munich, oil paint on canvas, 3 x 2 m. At the fifth day, the end of the event, All attends a concert and leaves the picture at the city hall for safe-keeping. The next day he looks for the picture but cannot find it. Down to the present day, nobody knows where the picture has vanished to.

1994 - Two world records

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995.
First world record: 300 portraits in 2:53 hours.
Second world record: One portrait in 8,86 sec.

Page: 274 top service.

1980 - Paderborn

250 portraits in 2:53 hours and one portrait in 25 seconds.

1993 - 7000 portraits

1648 portraits of Alexandra in 134 days.

Pastels on paper, DIN A3.

1998 - World record

Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2000.
1648 Porträts von Alexandra in 134 Tagen.

Seite: 212 Deutschsprachige Rekorde.

Engagement mit Schnellporträts

Major events of all kinds.


A professional presentation of quick-portraying while standing at an easel, using black pastels on white paper, taking three minutes at most, and employing a technique that I specially developed for major events.

By quickly smudging the color with my fingers and to some extent with the whole hand, I achieve shading and three-dimensionality in the portrait. The whole mode of working results in a special and vivid picture with an unmistakable, unique, and distinct style. more ...

Quick-portraying with easel alone

zeichnen papier großveranstaltung
Drawing Stuttgart 2002 Krefeld 1991 Düsseldorf 1997
Required space: Foreside length: 100 mm. * Depth: 100 mm. * Height: 210 mm. Without power connection.

Quick-portraying with traveling studio

art atelier oktoberfest
Nürnberg 2005 Regensburg 1999 Straubing 2002 Bremen 2008
Traveling studio’s year of construction: 1999 * Foreside length: 3550mm. * Depth: 2150mm. * Height: 3300mm. * Power connection: 220 V

Portraying tour since 1968

Porträtzeichnen im Sitzen:

F - Paris - Mont Martre
F - Nizza
F - San Remo
M - Monte Carlo
HR - Hvar
HR - Split
HR - Porec
HR - Opatia
HR - Dubrovnik
I - Venedig
I - Rom
I - Mailand
A - Wien
D - Berlin
D - Gießen
D - München Leopoldstrasse
D - München Karstadt
D - Köln Karstadt
D - Aachen

Porträtzeichnen mit Block unter dem Arm:

D - München Oktoberfest
D - München-Schwabing
D - Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen
D - Köln Karneval Altstadt
D - Hannover Frühlingsfest
D - Hannover Altstadt
D - Oldenburg Altstadtfest
D - Düsseldorf Altstadt
D - Vechta Stoppelmarkt
USA - Miami
USA - Fort Lauderdale
USA - Los Angeles Vennis
USA - Los Angeles Beverly Hills
USA - San Francisco F.W.
NL - Amsterdam

Volksfeste - Porträtzeichnen stehend an der Staffelei:

Aachen - Sommerbend
Annaberg Buchholz - Annaberger Kät
Aschaffenburg - Volksfest
Bad Dürkheim - Wurstmarkt
Bad Kreuznach - Deutsch-Amerikanisches Volksfest
Basel. CH
Berlin Alexanderplatz - Weihnachtsmarkt
Berlin Schöneberg - Lesbisch-schwules-Stadtfest
Bielefeld Brackwede - Schweinemarkt
Brakel - Annentag
Bremen - Freimarkt
Bremerhaven - Freimarkt
Bruchhausen Vilsen - Brokser Heiratsmarkt
Bonn - Pützchenmarkt
Bottrop - Michaelismarkt
Buxtehude Neukloster - Volksfest
Crailsheim - Fränkisches Volksfest
Darmstadt - Heinerfest
Düsseldorf - Schützenfest
Düren - Annakirmes
Dortmund - Weihnachtsmarkt a.d. Reynoldikirche
Delmenhorst - Stadtfest
Dormagen - Schützenfest
Erlangen - Bergkirchweih
Flensburg - Gaffelmarkt
Frankfurt - Herbst Dippemesse
Frankfurt - Mainfest
Freising - Volksfest
Geldern - Kirmes
Gevelsberg - Sommerkirmes
Goslar/Harz - Schützenfest
Göttingen - Schützenfest
Goch - Kirmes
Graz - Messe
Hannover - Frühlingsfest
Hannover - Schützenfest
Hannover - Weihnachtsmarkt
Havelberg - Pferdemarkt
Hamburg - Alster Vergnügen
Hamburg - Hafener Geburtstag
Hamburg - Altonale
Hamburg - Sommerdom

Herne Crange - Cranger Krimes
Hochheim - Hochheimer Markt
Krefeld - Sprödentalkirmes
Kiel - Kieler Woche
Kleve - Großkirmes
Koblenz - Volksfest
Lauterbach - Prämienmarkt
Leer - Gallimarkt
Lübbecke - Blasheimer Markt
Lutherstadt Eisleben - Wiesenmarkt
Lüneburg - Volksfest
Mainz - Johannisfest
Mayen - Lukasmakt
Minden - Volksfest
Moers - Kirmes
Mönchengladbach Rheydt - Kirmes
Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr - Saarner Kirmes
München - Oktoberfest
Münster - Sommersend
Neuss - Schützen u. Volksfest
Nürnberg - Herbstvolksfest
Nürnberg - Christkindlmarkt
Oberhausen Sterkrade - Fronleichnamskirmes
Oldenburg - Kramermarkt
Paderborn - Libori
Regensburg - Herbstdult
Rudolstadt - Rudolstädter Vogelschießen
Schwalmstadt Ziegenhain
Straubing - Gäubodenvolksfest
Stuttgart - Cannstatter Wasen
Soest - Allerheiligenkirmes
Speyer - Brezelfest
Solingen - Zöppkesmarkt
Trier - Europa Volksfest
Ulm - Volksfest
Vechta - Stoppelmarkt
Verden/Aller - Domweihe
Werne - Sim-Jü-Kirmes
Wolfsburg - Schützenfest
Worms - Backfischfest
Wuppertal - Nostalgiemarkt
Walsrode - Schützenfest

Newspaper article

Straubing - August 2003

Nürnberg - September 2003

Berlin - April 2005

Hannover - Juli 2007

Bremen - November 2008


Straubingr Newspaper / Straubinger Indicator . Gegründet 1860
Number 184 * Radegunde - Tuesday. 12. August 2003
Paul Speratus 1551 * 1 Eu / B 6527 A

World champion in the portrait quickness drawing: Toni All and his muse Alexandra perform at the Gaeuboden fair.

In 90 seconds a portrait of the world champion of the quickness artist
Doris Day, John Travolta and FJS sat model already
Gaeubodenfair-fan Toni All leaves upon request the Pimple on the nose out

He is multimedia performer, book author, musician, painter, object and computer artist and in addition multiple world champion in the quick portrait; Works of it were already seen at the Documenta in Kassel. And actually he is, so his girlfriend and muse Alexandra, a philosopher that lives in order to move something, formulate it.

Toni All, age-group 1950, thin cigarette smoker with horsetail, three day beard, anarchic charm and undefinable slang, moves for ten years the artistic aspect of the Gaeuboden fair: His portraits, this
time next to the entry for the east Bavarian show, everyone who wants with black pastel and particularly incredibly fast. On average, so his catalog shows, he creates in 90 seconds a portrait which gives three dimension to the drawing by smudging with the fingers or the whole hand.

The people here on the Gaeuboden fair let themselves be drawn with pleasure, states Toni All. and Alexandra answers to the question how he reacts graphically if his model does not look like a beauty queen: He works there idealizing and rather emphasizes the advantages.
And finally everyone has that.
Alexandra and Toni

Most with pleasure striking heads. Toni draws with pleasure striking heads. And there are enough at the Gaeuboden fair in Straubing. It is only difficult if one is bald: Hairs influence the personal emission enormously; you notice that if you come from the hairdresser. Then you think: how do I look now? And what am I supposed to draw if the model does not have any hairs on the head?

Toni accentuates his portraits, and that, he gives away: The people pay me only for my drawing it. Alexandra states how beautifull it is to watch him at the job: There he does a correct show of that. And often it is also merry when he asks whether he is supposed to draw the pimple on the nose: No, particularly women shout then, for Gods sake! Not the pimple.

Conversation about marriage, job, child. Interesting is also the conversations during the drawing, about marriage, job or children. Also about politics? Toni grins: I talk sometimes about politics. Nevertheless to swear about politicians is fun. But Alexandra is more cautious there, she talks with more pleasure about other things. Alexandra: Those are often very normal conversations of woman to woman.

His most prominent customers? Many years ago at a journey through the USA he painted in Hollywood Doris Day and John Travolta, who was still completely unknown then, and Franz Josef Strauss during the October celebration in the Paulaner-tent and Chief Mayor Reinhold Perlak here in Straubing. What is unpleasant at his profession? The long standing about, 15 hours on day, and if no one comes who wants to be drawn. And what are the pleasant sides? The success when the people are pleased with the drawing, and when Alexandra and I harmonize so nicely, he says and gently puts the arm around his muse.

Drawing is something intellectual. And how is it with vacation? The two of them laugh: Vacation, for they it doesn´t exist. From May until November they travel about the fairs and after that Toni All dedicates himself to the music and the acrylic painting. Alexandra underlines once again that he is a philosopher who must have a clear head for the drawing and painting, he must not be distracted: Drawing is an intellectual thing, that works all with the head.

The next stops after Straubing are Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Bremen. Straubing, however, Toni insures, is the most beautiful place, however it is also the hardest fair. And he doesn't say it only because he is here now: The public is nice, the people here have a fabulous emission and one gets contacts quickly, the organization is great, the Riedl of the Exhibition GmbH sees very amazing to one, and also the trailer standing places are super. -bhi-

Porträts in andere Technik



Pencil on paper.

Self Portrait

on paper.

Wadding Picture

on paper.

Self Portrait

on paper.


Oil paint
on canves.

with Headdress

Pastels and
poster color.


on paper.


Pastels on paper.


on canves.


A drawing or painting
on the basis
of a photo.