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Information on this piece

Title: Evolution on the Whole

Number of art piece: 0803

Type: Painting

Technique: Oil on canvas

Style: Concrete art

Topic: Explanation

Period: Realism

Number of copies: Unique item

W x H: 100 x 200 cm.

Series: D7

Year of origin: 1981

Place of origin: Hannover
Extras: dated, entitled and numbered

Signed: Yes

Framed: Silver wood frame

Location: D-Regensburg

Evolution on the Whole

Toni All © All rights reserved.


This picture, being part of a series of six other pictures, emerged from the topic of the „5th Dimension" during the course of preparation for Documenta 7.

The evolution of our earth at a glance. From the primitive times with the dinosaur to the cave men, and from there to the construction of clay huts. The Egyptian culture, the Greek culture, wars, and the Roman culture with Christianity. In the center there is the symbol of justice bearing scales and a sword; angel of good and evil. The feudal system and the oppression of peasants, Columbus, who discovers the new world, and the modern times with multi-storey buildings, tanks, and missiles. Astronomy and an observatory. The exploration of planets up to a city on the moon. A fantastic work featuring many small details. The meaning, the importance, and the further progress of evolution are all shown on this picture.
... Part of the Documenta 7 series.

Evolution on the Whole


Evolution on the Whole


Evolution on the Whole