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* The course and the sequence of moments, hours, days, weeks, years, light-years, and infinitely more.
* Point of time; confined period of time (in terms of its position in the course of time).
* Period of time; a period in life, in history, etc.
* Time span: Available part of the succession, the sequence of moments, hours, days, etc.
* The time span that is needed for a certain activity, esp. for covering a distance.


* The point that someone wants to arrive at, that someone wants to achieve.
* Something toward which someone's effort is consciously directed; what someone wants to achieve as a result of his activities.


* Gradually forming oneself or something.
* Consecutively entering a new [better] phase during a process.
* Raising something to a new level by taking influence.
* Gradually becoming something different or new under certain conditions.
* To let something take effect; to bring forth an ability from within oneself.
* To devise or construct something new or progressive during a work procedure.


* To change something’s essence or appearance; to change oneself or something.


* To bring about something; to enforce something.


* To achieve a wish or a goal by overcoming obstacles.
* Gradually gaining the acceptance or approval of a majority and thus validity.